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The Maryland Veterans Chamber of Commerce (MDVCoC) is a registered 501(c)6 organization that was formed to assist military veterans in entrepreneurial efforts.The Maryland Veteran Chamber of Commerce (MVCoC) was created to support and encourage business activities of military veterans and their dependents throughout the State of Maryland. Veterans are more likely to be successful in entrepreneurial efforts than the normal civilian, but need to be able to access training and professional networks. Connections are important in small business. The goal of the MVCoC is to leverage the entrepreneurial abilities of veterans while helping to foster relationships between veteran owned businesses, and also between these businesses and the community and economy. 

Operating under the US Veterans Chamber of Commerce, the MDVCoC strives to:

  • Provide a network of veteran-owned businesses in the State of Maryland

  • Provide training and learning opportunities

  • Host events for both sponsors and business owners

  • Provide access to a member-only area that will promote veteran owned businesses

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